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Other Entertainment

Theme Nights
Game Show Nights:

A night packed full of TV Game show entertainment.


4 couples compete in challenges and quizzes to be Med Ents ultimate couple (Audience participation)

MR Med Ents:

Nominate 3 of your best men to compete in challenges and tasks to find your winner

Adult Scavenger Hunt:

In your teams find all the items on your list, first team to have all items will win

Boozy Bingo:

No money bingo, get your strip, check off your numbers! Boozy prize for the line and full house

 *Add-ons available for all theme nights*

Battle of the sexes:

The ultimate Women Vs Men evening, who will win at your event?

Games and challenges throughout the evening including:

obstacle course, hunt the hidden item, balloon games and much much more

Med Ents Factor:

Have you got the Med Ents Factor?

Ever dreamed you were on the X-Factor or Britain's got Talent?

Have your own talent night with us, a host will compare your evening, introducing your stars for the night with the audience helping to find your superstar.

Med Ents Race Nights:

Place your bets please.....

Get dressed up for a night at the races (let's see those spectacular hats ladies)

Fill out your racing slip, cheer on your horse as you watch the race on screen.

Prizes for winners.

Country hoe down & line dancing Nights:

Yeehaw! It's a hoe down with live entertainment from Jo & Sarah Jane singing their country favs. They will have you up doing some easy line dances during the evening with prizes for best dancers and best cowboy boots!

Murder Mystery Nights:

Brand new murder mystery themed nights now available.

Have your own 'who done it?'

Invite your characters or have character place settings (if more people attending than characters the extras can still help solve the murder)

Our detective will help you reveal the truth and find the killer, characters will have character sheets which will tell them about their character and answers to questions they will be asked. A question menu will be on each table which has the questions to ask to each character.

After all the evidence and questioning your guests will make accusations as to who done it, they will write down which character they believe is the murderer.

Each character will then read their final statement with the murderer confessing to what they have done. The winners will be the ones who guessed correctly.

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